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University of Strathclyde, Scotland – Undergraduate Exchange Program

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The undergraduate student exchange program with the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, involves one semester abroad during the Fall of student’s senior year. Students will spend an entire semester in Glasgow, beginning in September and ending in December. Students will be home before the winter holiday.

The University of Strathclyde has a reputable Speech Language Therapy major as well as a similar curriculum to the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences major at SDSU. Being at a similar institution allows for a new experience and alternative view of speech language and hearing sciences, without putting students behind in the classes expected for graduation at SDSU.

The University is located in the heart of Glasgow, bordering the Royal Infirmary, a large teaching hospital. Students will observe Audiologists in the Royal Infirmary, as well as Speech and Language Therapists working in Glasgow, and in neighboring Scottish towns working with a variety of populations including individuals with hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Class Credit

Students will receive credit for major classes SLHS 513 – Foundations of Speech-Language: Development and SLHS 580 – Communication Processes and Aging during that semester.

Additional International Opportunities for Undergraduates

College of Health & Human Services Undergraduate International Experience

The College of Health & Human Services provides opportunities for an international component in all its undergraduate curricula, including its Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences undergraduate major. As part of this component, students may participate in residence for two or more weeks. Specific details about the upcoming travel opportunities can be found on the CHHS Undergraduate International Experience website.

Specific details about the requirement and upcoming travel opportunities can be found on the CHHS Undergraduate International Experience web site.

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