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Welcome to the School of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences History Project!

To know the history of an institution is to understand where it came from, to appreciate the contributions and sacrifices of so many that led to its current standing, and to gain invaluable insights so that wise and thoughtful decisions are made to assure the institution’s future.  It is also just plain interesting to understand your roots.  As we debut our School’s history project, a “labor of love” by alum and professor emeritus Darlene Gould Davies, our alums, faculty, staff, students, administrators and “history buffs” alike have a unique opportunity to remember, appreciate and honor the wonderful people from our past.

And although Darlene is the driving force who compiled our history, it belongs to all of us.  As such, we invite your comments, corrections, suggestions and contributions.  Welcome and enjoy the History Project!


We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Darlene Gould Davies.  She has spent endless hours researching our history, tracking down photos, and reviewing supporting documents in university archives and library collections.  With her love of history and talent, she then spent even more hours writing our history.  Thank you Darlene for your dedication and for this very special gift.

Michael Huang, Webmaster for the College of Health and Human Services also deserves a big hand for his technological expertise and creativity.  Michael has worked on this project since its inception.  Thank you Michael!

Many other SLHS friends and colleagues encouraged the enterprise and helped by reviewing drafts, correcting errors and contributing photos.  We extend special thanks to Linda Ballard, Anita Harbert, Jane Hong, Steve Kramer, Sheila Lipinsky, Charlotte Lopes and Diane Williams.


Every effort has been made to be accurate.  However, we recognize that errors or omissions may have been made and many details have not been included.  This is where you come in.  We invite your additions, corrections and suggestions – You also can tell us a special memory and even send us a favorite photo.

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