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The School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences was first established as the Speech Arts Department in 1938. After many decades of growth and development, our school now consists of multiple academic programs including undergraduate preparation in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (B.A.), post-baccalaureate preparation for the speech-language pathology (M.A.) program, entry-level graduate preparation for the profession of speech-language pathology (M.A.), entry-level graduate preparation for the profession of audiology (Au.D., joint with UCSD), and doctoral training for those interested in the interdisciplinary field of Language and Communicative Disorders (Ph.D., joint with UCSD). The school’s programs are designed to provide basic and advanced professional preparation, with a strong commitment to theoretical and research foundations of clinical intervention. 

The School pursues standards of excellence through accreditation by all relevant state, federal and professional accrediting agencies.  In addition, this excellence across our graduate programs has been recognized at the national level.

In order to provide students with “real world” professional experiences, the School maintains contractual relationships with community clinics, hospitals, agencies and educational institutions. Through its SDSU Audiology Clinic and SDSU Speech-Language Clinic, the School offers diagnostic and rehabilitative services to University students, faculty and staff, as well as to individuals in the San Diego region.

Vision Statement

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The School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) is anchored in a long history of excellence in academia, research and clinical services. Our goals are to continue providing these superior services while always looking forward to modernize our curricula and enhance our research acumen enabling us to meet the changing needs of the field and the community at large through leadership in both technical and applied science.

Mission Statement

The professional programs of the School are designed to prepare individuals to serve the communication needs of children and adults from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds; to meet state credential and licensure requirements in each of the areas of specialization; to meet the highest professional standards and criteria set by accrediting bodies; and to prepare graduates to serve in a variety of interdisciplinary settings as clinicians, consultants, educators, resource and program specialists, researchers, and speech and hearing scientists.

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Come join us and learn about our model. Listed are our Strategic Plan Executive Summary (pdf), and our Organization Chart (pdf)

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Discover the rich history of our school, from 1925 to now! We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Darlene Gould Davies who has spent endless hours researching our history, tracking down photos, and reviewing supporting documents in university archives and library collections. Many other SLHS friends and colleagues encouraged the enterprise and helped by reviewing drafts, correcting errors and contributing photos. We extend special thanks to Linda Ballard, Anita Harbert, Jane Hong, Steve Kramer, Sheila Lipinsky, Charlotte Lopes and Diane Williams.

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