AuD Program Learning Outcomes and Goals

AuD Program Learning Goals (PLGs)

  1. Adopt an interprofessional perspective in evaluating and treating hearing and balance across the lifespan
  2. Apply the understanding of the influence of culture and linguistic background on human communication, hearing, and balance
  3. Use a wide range of techniques to evaluate, treat, and manage hearing and balance disorders
  4. Apply critical thinking and the principles of evidence-based practice to audiological services

Degree Learning Outcomes (DLOs)

  1. Apply foundational knowledge about the anatomical and physiological basis of hearing and balance and apply knowledge about psychological, and sociological bases of human communication
  2. Apply theory and research to the diagnosis, management, and prevention of hearing, balance, and communication disorders
  3. Demonstrate professional oral and written communication skills
  4. Plan, implement, and modify clinical services across a wide range of populations including individuals from culturally- and linguistically-diverse groups
  5. Acquire the professional knowledge and skills needed to be eligible for state licensure and professional certification in audiology

AuD Academic Map and Curriculum

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