Faculty Supervisors

The SDSU Speech-Language Clinic’s faculty supervisors are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed by the state of California.  Sessions run by graduate students in the SDSU School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences are under direct supervision by our faculty supervisors:

  • Tanya Buzzanga, MA, CCC-SLP, is a multilingual clinical supervisor for students working with the adult neurogenic population. She also works at Scripps Mercy Hospital where she has been instrumental in the development and implementation of an evidence-based oral care protocol. She took part in a national multi-site study that examined the incidence of hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP). Tanya has advocated for the interdisciplinary study of esophageal impairments and has spearheaded the use of a cervical esophageal screen during videofluoroscopic studies. She has been a guest speaker at several conferences in the San Diego area and serves on the hospital’s Board of Biomedical Ethics. Her primary areas of interest are communication disorders, aspiration, and dysphagia in the adult population.
  • Danaee Donovan, MA, CCC-SLP, is a multilingual clinical supervisor specializing in pediatric assessment and intervention. Since moving to Boston from Venezuela in 1993, she has dedicated her work to the bilingual and multicultural population. This work continued in 2021 when she joined the clinical faculty at SDSU, bringing with her over three decades of experience supervising and mentoring graduate students in speech-language pathology. Her knowledge in the area of bilingualism has led her to work in different fields such as education, medicine, private practice, and research. Dana has also been invited to give presentations for universities such as NEU and UMASS Amherst, national and international conventions such as ASHA, podcasts, and radio programs. She continues to provide consulting services for the multilingual population through her private practice in Massachusetts and across the United States via telepractice.
  • Carrie Goodwiler, MA, CCC-SLP, is the Speech-Language Clinic Director and a proud graduate of the SDSU SLHS master’s program. She has been a supervisor in the program since 2017 and oversees the on-campus clinical programs and off-campus school-based clinical experiences. Additionally, she supervises graduate students in the areas of school-age language and literacy, articulation and phonology, and augmentative and alternative communication. Carrie currently teaches the Clinical Methods and Professional Skills in Speech-Language Pathology courses. Prior to joining the clinical faculty, she worked for a school district where she served students ages 3-21 with a wide variety of communication needs.
  • Christy Himstreet, MS CCC-SLP, is a pediatric SLP serving children and young adults ages 2 to 23. Since receiving her MS from NAU in 1998, Christy has attended hundreds of IEP meetings and worked with the gamut of speech and language issues across educational settings including public schools, clinics, non-public schools, residential treatment facilities, group homes and home schools. Shehas provided CF mentorship and graduate student supervision for NAU, U of A, CSUSM, and SDSU. Christy currently provides independent educational evaluations (IEEs) and school district consultations across CA through her private practice and has a special interest in literacy, theory of mind development, children who are late to talk, low incidence disabilities, students who are twice exceptional, and neurodiversity.
  • Chantale Hucks, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Taylor Hye, MA, CCC-SLP, is a clinical supervisor who recently moved from Nashville, TN where she worked in the public school system serving children ages 3-10. Taylor is interested in a variety of speech and language disorders with particular practice in early intervention and school-age students with multiple diagnoses including social language, fluency, articulation/phonological delays, receptive/expressive language delays, autism spectrum disorder, and intellectual disability. She also earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from SDSU and serves as the SLHS Undergraduate Adviser.
  • Bob McKinney, MA, CCC-SLP,  is a multilingual clinical supervisor for the clinic’s Accent and Communication Training (ACT) program and teaches undergraduate Phonetics. He works full-time as the lead SLP at the Sweetwater Union High School District and heads their Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Assessment team. He also taught ESL and trained teachers for 26 years in five countries. Bob is an active member of the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA) and the author of Here’s How to Do Accent Modification: A Manual for Speech-Language Pathologists (Plural Publishing, 2019).  
  • Paul McRae, MA, CCC-SLP, has been a Speech-Language Clinical Supervisor at SDSU since 2005 and he has been a guest lecturer for multiple SDSU graduate classes over the years. Since 1999, he has been a full-time medical speech-language pathologist at Sharp HealthCare where he completes speech/language and swallowing evaluations and treatments in the adult neurogenic population. Paul’s areas of expertise include head and neck cancer, dysphagia, and communicative disorders related to stroke and traumatic brain injury.
  • Jun O’Hara, MA, CCC-SLP, is a medical speech-language pathologist with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Temple University, a master’s degree in Linguistics with an Advanced Certificate in ESL Teaching, and a master’s degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences from SDSU. Jun has worked in acute inpatient, inpatient rehab, outpatient, and skilled nursing units serving youths and adults at Alvarado Hospital and Palomar Health since 2010. She has developed grand rounds for fellow SLPs to discuss atypical FEES/MBS studies and challenging medical cases, interpretation of clinical presentations, and report writing. Jun is an owner of a private practice that specializes in treating adults with communication, cognitive, and swallowing disorders. She strives to provide therapy incorporating functional and real-life activities relevant to clients’ current struggles and life goals.
  • Irina Potapove, PhD, CCC-SLP, currently leads the early intervention diagnostic experience in partnership with the San Diego Regional Center. Her approach to clinical training is informed by her research background in bilingual language development, which prioritized meaningful assessment tailored to bilingual clients. Alongside her clinical role, Irina serves as the Associate Director for the Joint Doctoral Program in Language and Communicative Disorders and teaches a variety of SLHS courses. 
  • Linda Schmitz, MS CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist working in the area of adult neurogenic disorders. She has worked as a Lecturer and Clinical Faculty member in the School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at SDSU since 2006. She has held positions at Sharp Rehabilitation Center, the Sharp Community Re-Entry Program, and the Acquired Brain Injury Program offered through the Community College District.

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