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As services become more difficult to obtain in the community, we have many more clients seeking services than we are able to serve. We have approximately 37 clinicians each year, but over 100 clients seeking services. We will try to incorporate as many clients as possible, but unfortunately, we will not be able to place everyone. Final determination of the therapy schedule will be based on the recommendations of the clinical supervisor, clinician training needs, your preferences and space availability. We appreciate your understanding.

Once you have been scheduled for therapy, every effort is made to provide three consecutive semesters of services. However, sometimes this is not possible due to family schedules and/or clinician training needs.

Absolutely. We encourage family observation and participation in therapy.

In addition to clinical and academic faculty members, only students who are currently enrolled in the School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences are allowed to observe diagnostic and intervention sessions.

Most sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes. However, some groups are scheduled for two-hour sessions.

For best practice and clinician training, we prefer that clients commit to attending twice a week.

We accept current evaluation reports from outside agencies; however, additional assessment may be required prior to scheduling therapy services at the SDSU Speech-Language Clinic.

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