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MA Applicants With Other Backgrounds (WOB)

The school offers select prerequisite courses online for the MA program as part of the SDSU College of Extended Studies SLP Essentials program. Register now!

If you are interested in applying to the Master of Arts program in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at SDSU, and your undergraduate degree is in another discipline, you must complete the necessary prerequisites prior to the beginning of the Fall semester. Please use the form below as a guide to determine if you have met the various requirements we typically expect of those entering our graduate program:

Upon application to SDSU’s master’s program, the Graduate Adviser will review your transcripts and application to verify that the necessary prerequisite coursework has been satisfactorily completed and/or will be completed by the Fall semester.  Admitted applicants who lack the necessary prerequisites by the start of the Fall semester of their first year in the program may be ineligible to enroll in graduate coursework and/or start their clinical practicum coursework.

Please note that prerequisite coursework can be completed at another institution; however, SDSU is not affiliated with any other institution’s program in speech, language, and hearing sciences and we are not responsible for the prerequisite coursework of any other institution. It is the applicant’s responsibility to determine what programs offer the courses that satisfy these requirements. The majority of the prerequisites are upper division courses, which means that they cannot be completed at a community (junior) college. See the checklist above for a listing of upper and lower division prerequisites.




last updated: 7/20/2017