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MA Admissions FAQ

Q1:  If I do not have an undergraduate degree in Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences or Communication Sciences/Disorders, can I apply to the MA program?

If your undergraduate degree is in another discipline, you must complete the prerequisites before beginning our MA program.  We will accept a Speech-Language post-baccalaureate degree from any accredited university. Course prerequisites may be completed through our Speech-Language Pathology Essentials online course offerings or at another institution. A Google search of Speech Language post-baccalaureate programs will guide you to schools that offer this program.

Q2: When are departmental supplemental graduate applications accepted?

We only accept applications for Fall admissions (no Spring enrollment).

Applications can be submitted October 1st – January 12th. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Individual departments may set their own deadlines for admissions applications which may differ from the University deadlines; the SLHS deadline is January 12.


Q3: What is the tuition for Graduate School?

Tuition and student fees are posted on the SDSU Cashier’s Office site.

Q4: Do I need to complete the Statement of Purpose on the CSUMentor application?

No, as you will be submitting an Essay to the department in your application packet, you do not need to complete the Statement of Purpose on the CSUMentor application. Simply write “Essay submitted directly to department” in this section.

Q5: Do I need to choose a credential program when submitting my CSUMentor application?

No, you do not need to choose a credential program. Students earn their SLP credential as part of the masters program and all credential paperwork is completed near the end of the program.

Q6: When can I begin submitting transcripts to Enrollment Services?

Do not submit transcripts to Enrollment Services prior to submitting the CSUMentor on-line application. Upon receipt, SDSU will e-mail you a Student Red ID # in 10-15 business days. Receiving this Red ID indicates that an electronic file has now been created for you so transcripts received can be matched to you.

Q7: Do I have to submit transcripts from every school I attended?

Students who received their undergraduate degree from SDSU do not need to submit an SDSU transcript as Enrollment Services can access those transcripts electronically. If you attended any other universities or junior colleges and those grades appear on your SDSU transcript, then you do not need to submit transcripts for those schools. All other students must submit transcripts from all schools attended.

Q8: Do I have to wait for my final grades before submitting transcripts?

No, you do not need to wait for final transcripts for classes in progress at the time you apply. If admitted to SDSU, those will be requested at a later date.

Q9: Can I submit letters of recommendation from employers rather than former professors?

Yes, but letters of recommendation from employers do not carry the same weight with the admissions committee as letters from former professors as the letters are used to gauge academic performance, not job performance.  Our online application system only allows for the submission of 3 letters.  No additional letters will be accepted.

Q10: Can I track the progress of my application on-line?

Yes, at the same time you receive your Red ID you will receive instructions on setting up your WebPortal account.  Enrollment Services will also e-mail bi-weekly reminders to students with incomplete applications.  You can check the status of your University CSUMentor application, transcripts, and test scores through WebPortal.  You can track the status of your online supplemental department application through Decision Desk.

Q11: What happens if I neglect to submit either the CSUMentor application or the department online application?

Your file will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

Q12: If I already have a master’s degree, do I need to submit GRE scores to SDSU?

If you have a master’s degree from a WASC Accredited Program (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), SDSU’s Enrollment Services Dept. does not require GRE scores as a criteria for admissions, BUT our department does require the scores. You would need to ask ETS to submit your scores electronically to SDSU (Institution Code 4682).  ETS purges scores after 5 years.  If you have the official paper copy of your scores, we will accept a copy of that.

Q13: When will I hear if I have been accepted into the program?

Admission decisions will be made by mid-March, and you will be notified via e-mail by early April.





last updated: 7/20/2017