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The SLHS Mission…

SLHS Building of SDSU

SLHS Building of SDSU

Our school is a community of faculty, scientists, clinicians, students, and staff that conducts educational activities, clinical training, research and scholarship to advance the study of speech, language, and hearing sciences, including the areas of audiology, speech-language pathology, and American Sign Language/deaf studies.  We contribute to the understanding of speech, language, and hearing sciences by developing expertise in particular specialties, including: language acquisition and development; the cognitive, linguistic and cultural aspects of bilingualism; language and cognition following stroke and head injury; speech, language, hearing and vestibular disorders across the life span; brain-language relations, including spoken and signed languages; current diagnostic methods and evidence-based practice.

The professional programs of the school are also designed to prepare individuals to serve the communication needs of children and adults from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds; to meet state credential and licensure requirements in each of the areas of specialization; to meet the highest professional standards and criteria set by accrediting bodies; and to prepare graduates to serve in a variety of interdisciplinary settings as clinicians, consultants, educators, resource and program specialists, and speech, language and hearing scientists.

Diversity is valued, recruited, and supported in our academic programs and in the composition of our student body, faculty, and administration.  The school strives to incorporate multicultural perspectives into the curriculum and to prepare students to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

Services provided in our clinics are in accordance with values shared by the faculty and the student clinicians providing services.  Services are provided without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or handicapping condition.

The school is committed to providing an educational process that respects and serves our students effectively and efficiently. Our faculty is committed to scholarship and to a constantly evolving pedagogy that allows them to meet student needs, to accommodate diverse student learning styles and world views, and to use emerging technology in their teaching. Their commitment to teaching and scholarship assures student access to a quality education.

The activities of the school are closely woven into the fabric of the surrounding geographic area, and we value this connection. We are engaged in active partnerships with the community, providing mutual opportunities and benefits. We draw upon community resources to enrich the educational process and, in turn, enrich the community by educating professionals committed to serving its people.