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Congratulations, Dr. Brumm!

posted 3/27/2012
brumm2 brumm

Our very own Kathleen Brumm, a graduate student in the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Joint Doctoral Program under the supervision of Dr. Tracy Love in the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, defended her dissertation on November 30. It was titled "Digging Beneath the Surface--Behavioral and Neural Indices of lexical access during idiom comprehension in Aphasia: A multi-modal approach." This dissertation provided the first multi-modal (behavioral and neuro-imaging) investigation of lexical access in Broca’s aphasia using idioms as a research tool. The results extended the literature of lexical processing in this population, as well more generally, our understanding of how idioms are processed behaviorally and neurally during auditory sentence comprehension.

Kathleen accepted a job with a law firm, and now lives in Boston, Massachussets. We all wish Kathleen the best of luck in her future pursuits!