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State Licensure

Preparation Leading to State Licensure in Speech Pathology or Audiology

Students may complete the academic and clinical practicum requirements leading to California State Licensure in Speech Pathology or in Audiology, a legal requirement for all individuals professionally employed in non-public school settings and some public school settings.

The Speech Pathology and Audiology Examining Committee which operates within the California State Board of Medical Quality Assurance, requires a master’s degree or equivalent in communicative disorders in the area (Speech Pathology or Audiology) in which the license is to be granted, 300 clock hours of supervised clinical experience, a national examination, and nine months of full-time supervised work experience (Required Professional Experience). For audiology, the fourth year externship satisfies the required professional experience.

Most Licensure and ASHA Certification requirements may be fulfilled concurrently. Consult an adviser in the area in which licensure is desired for specific information.