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AuD Faculty

The following faculty participate in the AuD Joint Doctoral Program and are available as academic and doctoral project advisors.

San Diego State University (SDSU) Program Faculty

  • Dreisbach, Laura, PhD (fulltime). Specializations include human peripheral auditory physiology, auditory evoked potentials (with an emphasis on evoked otoacoustic emissions), psychoacoustic measures to describe peripheral physiology, and high frequency hearing. Research foci: a) OAEs using high frequency stimuli and b) objective and subjective measures of frequency selectivity. Teaches courses in auditory evoked potentials, pediatric audiology, and an advanced seminar in audiological instrumentation. Provides research experiences and mentoring of AuD Doctoral Research Projects. Email:
  • Kirsch, Christine, AuD (fulltime). Clinic Director of Audiology. Manages all aspects of students’ clinical education. Develops, maintains, and monitors off-campus clinic experiences and 4th year externships. Precepts audiology students at the SDSU Audiology Clinic. Areas of expertise include pediatic hearing assessments,  real-ear fittings for hearing aid prescriptions and diagnostics for patients of all ages. Email:
  • Kramer, Steve, PhD (fulltime). Areas of specialization include clinical issues and techniques in audiology; auditory evoked potentials (including otoacoustic emissions) to describe normal and disordered auditory function; physiological measures for improving the evaluation of certain clinical impairments; newborn hearing screening techniques and programs. Teaches courses in diagnostic audiology, psychoacoustics, and research methods; provides mentoring of AuD Doctoral Research Projects.  Email:
  • Mackersie, Carol, PhD (fulltime). Areas of specialization include hearing amplification, psychoacoustics, and speech perception. Research foci: a) psychoacoustic factors underlying individual differences in speech perception & hearing aid benefit b) development of performance outcome measures of hearing aid benefit and c) psychophysiological indices of listening effort. Teaches courses in psychoacoustics, research methods, and hearing amplification; provides research experiences and mentoring of AuD Doctoral Research Projects.  Email:
  • Torre III, Peter, PhD (fulltime). Areas of specialization include epidemiology of age-related hearing loss, auditory evoked potentials, and research methods. Research foci: a) risk factors associated with age-related hearing loss, b) the relation between recreational noise exposure and otoacoustic emissions, and c) age-related hearing loss in Latino Americans. Teaches courses in hearing sciences, hearing-related research topics, aging, and hearing conservation, and provides research experiences and mentoring of AuD Doctoral Research Projects. Email:
  • Boothroyd, Arthur, PhD: (part-time). Areas of specialization include aural rehabilitation and speech perception. Research expertise and experience in the sensory capacities of individuals with hearing loss, methods to assess those capacities, and their enhancement with hearing aids, tactile aids, and cochlear implants. Has developed methods for quantifying the effects of contextual factors in the perception of spoken language. Active in research, consulting, mentoring of AuD Doctoral Research Projects. Email:
  • Branch, Carol, AuD(part-time). Half-time preceptor  of audiology students in the SDSU Audiology Clinic. Teaches Clinical Methods Lab, Clinical Staffing class, course on Precepting, and the On-line Clinical Integrative Seminar for students on Externships. Specialty areas include diagnostics and hearing aid fittings in children and adults.  Email:
  • Guthrie, Lesli, AuD, CCC/SLP & CCC/A (part-time).  Dually certified in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology; Teaches the course ‘Speech and Language across Lifespan and Culture’ for the AuD program.
  • Pruitt, Sonja, MA-SLP (part-time).  Preceptor for speech-language screenings for AuD students. Participates as member of AuD doctoral research projects.


University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Program Faculty





last updated: 7/21/2016