San Diego State University

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AuD Grads Say…

“The opportunity to work with the ENT doctors at UCSD provided valuable training and experience.”

“I am definitely satisfied with how this program prepared me for my clinical placements and employment. I am sure I got the best education possible out of the programs I could have attended.”

“I felt the faculty are the program’s best asset. They are knowledgeable, unconditionally supportive, approachable, and deeply invested in the program’s students’ success. Thanks!!!! I also feel like our program is one of the best in the country, if not THE best, after working with interns and other students from around the country–our students were far better prepared for clinical and professional life than any other students that I have encountered. In many cases, the students themselves pointed that out!”

“I loved the diversity in audiologists and staff, autonomy with patients, opportunity to work with TBI patients, good balance of vestibular experience, hearing aids, evoked potentials, and audios.”

“SDSU/UCSD AuD program always kept their standards high. That type of training is key. These high standards stay embedded in their students throughout their career and help keep the profession of audiology at those high standards as well.”

“I would highly recommend our program to future students for multiple reasons. The strongest aspect of our program is that our exposure to clinic and working with patients begins very early on. Of course, the UCSD year strengthens our diagnostic skills and prepares us for any given private practice or hospital setting. I am very happy with my overall experience and will always be willing and proud to speak highly of our program. The faculty have been amazing with their expertise and their ability to effectively educate us.”






last updated: 7/21/2016