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Award Winning SLHS Students make a fabulous showing at 2017 SDSU Student Research Symposium!

Congratulations to our SLHS students for their successful presentations at the 2017 SDSU Student Research Symposium! Special huzzahs for the awards won by the following students and their advisors:

  • Library Awards
    Sim Quinzon, “Specific Purpose English” – Advisor: Henrike Blumenfeld
  • Provost’s Awards – Education
    Kiara Caber, “Voice Onset Time of Voiceless Plosives by English Monolingual Speakers” – Advisor:
    Jessica Barlow
  • Undergraduate Research Excellence Awards
    Alyssa Campos (SLHS),  “Translation Equivalents and Code‐Switching in Bilingual Preschoolers” – Advisor: Margaret Friend (Psychology)

See the photos!