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Support Students Who Improve the Lives of Others!

clinic directorDonation-Based System

The School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at San Diego State University serves more than 1000 clients yearly with communication and hearing impairments through our Speech-Language and Audiology clinics. Established in 1941, our clinics have supported the greater San Diego community with speech-language assessments and intervention, hearing tests, hearing aids, and community support.

In order to reach more clients in the community, we have moved from a fee-based to a donation-based system. 

crowdfunding-tempWe need your help!

Please join our crowdfunding effort to continue to provide individuals with clinical services. Your donation will provide student clinicians with opportunities to transform the field of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences by providing more clinical services, thus improving people’s lives.

Your gift in any amount will ensure that clients receive the services they need. Please share this message with others who believe in improving communication for those in need.

Your donation at the following levels will cover the costs of materials and services and help the clinics better serve our clients and students:

  • $10: Clinic materials
  • $25: A packet of diagnostic protocols
  • $50: Two weeks of therapy for a speech-language client
  • $70: One basic diagnostic hearing test session
  • $100: A speech-language evaluation
  • $275: One hearing aid repair including a 12-month warranty

Thank you in advance.


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