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From left to right: Kristine Thuy Dinh, Quynh Dam, Ngoc Ann Do, and KimAnh Nguyen
“Aside from the knowledge and experience gained from my time at BDC, I have been fortunate in being able to work with the most ambitious and hardworking people I have ever met. They motivate, inspire, and support me. When I graduate and leave BDC, I will not only be walking away with a network of SLPs and other professionals, but new friendships as well, both of which are incredibly valuable to me.”

- KimAnh Nguyen

Bottom row (left to right): Kristine Thuy Dinh, Kelly Nguyen, and Daena Taylor.
Top row (left to right): Diane Pham Guerrero, Monica Nguyen Biscocho, Dr. Giang Pham (Principle Investigator), Judit Limon-Hernandez, Christine Melcher
"From my constant interaction with my lab mates, I have learned a lot about Vietnamese culture and new Vietnamese words. The exposure I get to Vietnamese language and culture is something that will help me when I work as a bilingual SLP."

- Judit Limon-Hernandez


Kristine Thuy Dinh (right) asks Ngoc Ann Do (left) questions about applying to graduate school.
 “I really like this lab. The lab mates are fun and cool! I did not only learn software and soft skills, but I also learned networking skills as I connected with students in the lab. Since they are older than me, I can ask them for advice on applying to graduate schools, taking the GRE, and other experiences. I look forward to coming back to the lab every semester.”

– Kristine Thuy Dinh