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Audiology Clinic

The Audiology Clinic has moved from a fee-based to a donation-based system!   

See the ‘Support Clinic Clients and Students‘ page to contribute!


Clinic Director Dr. Christy Kirsch with client

Clinic Director Dr. Christy Kirsch with client

Audiology Clinic Director: Dr. Christine Kirsch
Office Staff: Ms. Marla Fulton (
Phone: (619) 594-7747
Address: SDSU Audiology Clinic
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Building
5245 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-1518 see map

Administered by the school, the SDSU Audiology Clinic is designed as an educational, service, and research facility. Diagnostic, habilitative, and rehabilitative services are provided to individuals who have deficits in communicative function due to limitations of hearing. These individuals represent all ages from the infant/toddler period throughout late adulthood.  Graduate students in audiology receive their on-campus clinical education in the clinical facility serving individuals with hearing problems under close supervision by faculty who are nationally certified and/or board certified and state-licensed audiologists.

Programs specific to the audiologic area include hearing assessment, hearing aid evaluation and selection, assistive listening devices, ear molds, ear protectors, hearing conversation, and speech reading/aural rehabilitation.

Consultation, supervised field internships, a variety of scholarly research projects, continuing education workshops, grand rounds, and other service activities are also available through the SDSU Audiology Clinic.

Services provided in our clinics are in accordance with values shared by the faculty and the student clinicians providing services.  Services are provided without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or handicapping condition.

SDSU Audiology Clinic Forms

Please download the appropriate form(s). Complete, sign, and return to the clinic address above.

Off-Campus Practicum Sites

In addition to the on-campus clinic, the School has an extensive off-campus network of community sites at which students obtain some of their clinical practicum hours. These sites represent a cross-section of educational, medical, military, private practice, and multicultural settings. Affiliation agreements with all of the off-campus sites clearly dictate the responsibilities of the School, the campus off-campus supervisors, and the student clinicians. All students placed at these sites must be approved for off-campus placement. In the event that the School supervisors determine that the student is not ready for off-campus placement, additional on-campus practica will be required.